Terms & Conditions of Listings

We care a great deal about the quality of the directory. Please be aware that abusive submissions will result in the removal of all sites connected with the abuser.

  • Please only submit a Listing URL to the Cryptoworld once.
  • Disguising your listing and submitting the same URL more than once is not permitted.
    Example: http://www.site.co.uk and http://www.site.co.uk/index2.htm
    If you have several pages within your webspace with different content, it is much better to provide a index page with links to each individual section or page, this will also help search engines list your website.
  • Please do not submit mirror sites. Mirror sites are sites that contain identical content, but have different URL’s altogether.
  • We only accept listings where the owners or the business provide an option to pay with Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies (also known as altcoins).
    If you do not offer any payment options for cryptocurrencies your listing will be deleted.
  • Sites with illegal content are forbidden on Cryptoworld. Examples of illegal material include, but are not limited to, child pornography and sites infringing on copyright.
  • Please avoid submitting sites with addresses that redirect to another address.
  • Please avoid submitting sites which have pop-up windows that open when the site loads. These are very annoying for many people.
  • Submit sites to the most relevant category. Sites intentionally submitted to inappropriate or unrelated categories will be removed.
  • If you cannot find a relevant category, please select “Other” and submit your suggested category name in the box provided. We will then review the category and may add it to the list.
  • Wait until your site is complete before submitting your listing. Sites which are incomplete, contain “Under Construction” notices, or contain broken graphics or links aren’t good candidates for the directory.
  • Pornographic submissions will NOT be added.
  • Any businesses found to be using the directory to send unsolicited mail will be removed from the directory.

Consent to use of data
By completing and submitting this form to Cryptoworld, you agree that the information provided in this form is correct and can be included with no limitations on Cryptoworld and made available to anyone accessing the website. You maybe contacted from time to time by Cryptoworld to confirm your listing details and/or advise you of changes that may affect your listing.

By submitting this form you agree to the above terms and conditions of usage for your listing on Cryptoworld.
Please ensure all the above information is correct before submitting this form.

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